About Us

Lilium Aquae is a nursery dedicated to the growing and selling of water plants.

Hardy waterlilies: we are specialists in growing hardy waterlilies having a collection of more than 150 varieties. We can supply plants, which are easily grown, from precious antique species through to lush, more recent hybrids.

Tropical waterlilies: we grow an important collection of the rarest tropical waterlilies.

Lotus: our collection features the most spectacular varieties.

Marginal plants: a comprehensive collection of autochthon, tropical and rare marginal plants.

Moisture loving plants: a collection of the most beautiful and exotic moisture loving perennials.

Irises: “Go wherever your heart takes you”.

Hemerocallis: “Love at first sight”.

Plants for herbal purification and “bio lakes”.
We cultivate and offer “forgotten” plants and those in danger of extinction.
We collaborate on various projects with the universities of Padova, Milano Bicocca, Catania, Modena, Palermo, Messina and the related botanical gardens.
We also collaborate with Muse – Science Museum of Trento, Hortus Botanicus Leiden and the botanical garden of Trieste.

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